Thanks to for giving me the opportunity to be featured. Feeq is a great guy by the way. A True Visionary blogger.

Well, my name is Brendan Lee and you can just call me Brendan. Lots of people tend to spell my name wrongly and I don’t know why.

Anyway I blog at

The website is a base for my photography portfolio where I share my passion for photography to the world. More to that, I Blog about happening stuff that I go that is mainly thanks to for giving me the opportunity to attend events and lots of other stuff.

Well, I’m what people call a photographer/blogger where I photograph stuff/events most of the time instead of doing it in writing. So basically we write through our pictures!

Blogging with Advertlets has brought me to greener pastures where i got to achieve one of my dreams which is working with Hannah Tan (One of my idols) and actually becoming her very own photographer for the World Cup Concert Event 2010 at 1 Utama

Shooting for her and being on her team is a fruitful experience and also a memorable one. This could never happened if it weren’t for Leonard Chua.

I have also covered a worldwide known event which is the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. As Advertlets are the Official Media Sponsor for the pageant, I had the privilege to follow the pageant through from auditions till the very finals. The times were hectic but it was just Pure FUN!

Oh yea.. This Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 winners pic is on the login page of Cool huh? =)

As per my purpose of my website, it Is my personal portfolio to anyone who is hiring a photographer. Here below would be some of my favorite works. More at the website.!




So that summarily wraps up about me.!

Please do visit my website at if you are bored or just have nothing better to do!

BrenKenLee is open to photography services Note: (Cheapest You Can Ever Find!) BrenKenLee Studios will be open to any model who would like a Profile Shoot for an affordable price!

Thank You Very Much!