What is the Bolehland
Bolehland is not a food that can be eaten, but rather it is the other more ‘affectionate’ name of Malaysia. Contrary to popular believe, the residents of Malaysia do not live on coconut trees, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t. I mean after all, Bolehland means that a land where anything can and possibly will happen. While we don’t suppose anything cool would happen to the both of us who run this site, we would still like to tell the tales of our lives in this comic-site.

As you read through, you will notice that we are just two average guys from the planet. We aren’t superstars – in fact, some would say that we are less than average, but it doesn’t mean that you can laugh at us. Have compassion, alright? Enjoy!

How does it work?

We’ve had many people asked us this before. Basically, Wai Kit does the sketch on paper because we are not hi-tech people and we don’t have the luxury of using a drawing pad. After that, he scans the strips and sends it to Dan for editing in Photoshop, where words and colours are added for the final product!

Interested in advertising on our site? Kindly send a mail to admin@bolehland.net.

Stories to share:
Have some kick-ass or silly story in your life that you would like to share and see it on this site? Yup, you’ve guessed it – send us a mail at admin@bolehland.net with a picture of yourself (not because we want to stalk you, but its for your character) and we will choose the really (un)awesome ones! This also depends on our availability.

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Tan Wai Kit

Hi, name’s Tan Wai Kit. Single and Unemployed. Okay. Done. Take care.
That is usually how I always introduce myself to people. I don’t know why but I just do! Okay let’s see…been drawing since, 6 years old. I remember drawing my first Doraemon comic when i was 6!

I wanted to study arts and illustrations at The One Academy to further improve my drawings but due to some circumstances, I was stuck with an Economics and Finance degree from University of London. Not that it was a bad thing actually. In this course itself was where I met Dan Khoo, the founder of Bolehland.net. He suggested the idea of putting my simple comic strips in his site.

I was really scared at first. What if people didn’t like my drawing? My skills ain’t that good. What if everyone gave bad feedback about my drawing? I even asked if I should draw those really proper anime styled cartoons but he told me to stick with my simple cartoons. I was worried and scared as I have pretty low self confidence!

It is now 4 months since I ran this site with him. I am now hoping that at least the whole Malaysia would read this site (ha!).

WORDS OF WISDOM? I don’t have to say much – I’ll let my vital stats do the talking.

Single since : 9th April 1987 (It’s muh birthday yo)
Flirting Ability : 16/100 (Non-existant)
Approach Girl Ability : 32/100 (Disastrous)
EMO ability : 92/100 (It’s like my ulti skill)
Confidence with Liverpool : 71/100 (Liverpool FTW!)

Dan Khoo

Hi, I’m Dan Khoo! If you like, you can refer to me as Damn Cool, but only if you insist.
If you ask me, I certainly didn’t see myself being a small time comic producer a few years back. Sure, I do love reading comics but producing one? Never did cross my mind! Little would I know that breathing life into the comics drawn by Wai Kit through words and colours would be so much fun! To make it a little more Malaysian-ish, I try to inject customary Malaysian words such as lah, lol, etc. Of course, not forgetting the broken Manglish at times!

Bolehland.net was many things before it became what it is today. It was formally a game site, then it became an online lifestyle magazine, which evolved into a food review site. Then, it became sorta like a general blog and now wallah… a comic strip! What an adventure!

Let’s see where we go to next, yeah? Keep rockin! (and supporting lah!)

WORDS OF WISDOM? Welcome to the new site! For those of you who have been here before, you would have notice that the direction of the site has changed entirely. We now focus entirely on artwork as we feel that a picture can say a thousand word instead of blogging about food, lifestyle and whatnot. Those have been covered extensively by numerous other sites and we thought that the awesome world wide web could use a change.

Ok fine, I’ll admit that it is pretty hard to magically conjure up a thousand word essay simply because – we’re lazy. Having said that, colouring doesn’t take much thinking so I’ll work on that for now. If you hate it, please don’t send me a hate-mail. After all, I’m just an average human being with less than average colouring skills.