W’sup everyone! Andrew here from Why Running Andrew? Most of my friends know that I love running and working out. On the contrary, my blog isn’t just about running. In fact, it’s just a random blog name I chose early 2010. I’m just a regular guy who loves running around for good food with a company of good friends and photography! “Running” but not literally

Yeap that is me! I’m a SAP consultant by day, blogger and gamer by night? Okay that didn’t sound right but yes, I enjoy blogging, I love trying out new food and I look forward to attend social events whenever possible. Nevertheless, ever since I started working on my blog, I’ve been invited to attend a few food reviews as well as social events and I am grateful for those opportunities. Because of that, I got to meet new awesome friends!

Wokay so a little bit about myself? My name is Andrew Chiam, 27 years old and originally from Johor(Or Batu Pahat to be exact). I love running(doh) and working out but things have been slowing down lately thanks to Star Craft 2 :P. Favourite food? Hhhm tough question. I guess its gonna be nasi lemak, laksa, wan tan mee, beef noodle, roti canai, er…I think I won’t be able to list down everything. NEXT please.

Star Craft 2
Like I said earlier, I’m a gamer as well and am currently into Star Craft 2(Oleegeenal thank you), Street Figher 4(oleegeenal for PC) and STILL into the ageless DOTA( also oleegeenal War Craft 3 la). There is nothing like coming back from a hard day’s work, chilling out with a cup of ice cold Old Town coffee over a game of DOTA or Star Craft 2.

My new found passion aside from food and gaming would be photography. I got my first DSLR back in April 2010 and I’ve been hit by the shutterbug ever since. Doesn’t matter if its family gathering, event or a meet up, I’ll bring my camera with me to capture those special moments. So be warned! Shutterbug alert!

Thanks Feeq for having me as featured blogger of the week. For the lovely readers our there, feel free to visit my blog and thanks for the support 😛 . This is Andrew, running off I mean, signing off.


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