Hello to fellow readers. I’m Stephanie (Xiaopei) from http://xiaopei.xhydro.net. Thanks to Feeq for giving me an opportunity to fill my texts in his column.

Basically, I’m a girl with common face that most people would go like “Hey, you seem familiar” or “You look like my friend”.

What made me blog? I guess it’s self-inquisitive. I get to know about blog when I was 16 from my brother (precisely). So I started to blog using Blogspot till my friend introduced me WordPress which I’m using now under xhydro.net hosting. Blog fits me right when I wanted express further in different form.
What is in my blog? It’s mostly about my life. Some are about food, craps as well as rants.

More about myself? I come from Rawang and currently stuck in Kampar for tertiary study. Once in a while I’ll go back my mom’s hometown in Pusing (near Batu Gajah) or my hometown Rawang. Physically I am 100% girl with not-so-tan-but-tan skin. Thus, some people might think I’m Manese/Chilay (Malay + Chinese). I know nothing about make up except mascara and lip gloss. That is a bit failed as a girl, I think. Like typical girl, I do shop, but lesser than usual typical girl does. I considered myself as an active girl. I talk a lot and I do sport occasionally. I like swimming, tennis, jogging and badminton. I like attend events too if there’s a chance 🙂 My friends circle is small and I hope to make it bigger 🙂

Why you should read my blog? Because I’m ordinary yet extraordinaire. I am Stephanie I am myself.