I’m Shannon Chow from a KL city gal, turning 20 in few weeks time. A blogger, event coordinator, Public Relations and Marketing. Currently taking Diploma in Business at Taylor’s University College, Lakeside campus.

First Impression of me is what you’ll get, after learning more about me you’ll find a different side of the story. Don’t Judge me but understand me IF you can.
Got her own attitude, very Independent and pushing to the limits …wait, there’s no Limit if you destroy the box 😉 Dream to impact the world – especially Young People!
A Girl of many Interest and have a burning desire to learn more in life.

Hearts: Challenges, Events, Networking, Listening to music, Olivia Ong songs, Blogging, meeting new friends, chocolates, Mango, Sago, surprises, the colour Violet aka Purple and white, Daydreaming – yes I dream always, chilling out with friends, playing pool….and many more. I get bored quiet easily so make things Interesting 😉

Hates: Durians (I know many likes it but I dislikes it), copycats, people who don’t have common sense*, people who drive up the pavement when there’s a traffic jam and zoom off ….etc

Facts: (1) people call me crazy due to my hectic schedules but if you love what you do it’s enjoyable instead of suffering.
(2) Looks very cool and cold, but once you get to know me I’m super warm inside!
(3) Seems super tough outside but actually I just keep pushing myself forward and upwards, I do have hard feelings.
(4) My secret is I always have secrets =p
(5) Started blogging since 15, been changing blog url and now sticking to just got the domain earlier this month =)

Currently Up to: learning more about Photography, doing PR and Promo for 2 major events (Pedal Away Polio and Project Revive – a Charity concert + Dinner)

Involve in: Taylor’s University College Student Council –vice president this year, member of Rotaract Club of Taylor’s and in training for District 3300 Malaysia EXCO Rotaract team 2011, Youth development groups.

In short I’m…
Unpredictable, Independent & Passionate in what she does and wants to inspire others
Work Hard & Play even harder!
She’s who She is

Connect with Me :-
Twitter: @shannonchowz
Facebook: Shannon Chow