I could stare at the screen for hours just to think how to start writing about myself. Never really thought of how to write about myself. This would be a chance to express how I see myself in my own way 🙂

I go by the name of Liki. It is the shorter version of my real name Li Kee. Above that, I am a Christmas Eve girl, I was so luckily born on the 24th of December to welcome the annual Holy Night. Family and friends will send me wishes and gifts in conjunction of my birthday and Christmas. (See! I save everyone’s time and money) 😀 😀

I am the only daughter in the family which also makes me the Diva of Da Haus. 2 brother and being the middle child has certainly brought toughness to me physically and mentally. Long hair, fairly toned skin and a slim body is just sums up my appearance. I ain’t bulimic nor anorexic. I love myself just the way I am. ♥

People usually say I have this Little Miss Diva attitude, but actually I am just a down-to-earth girl who love her family and friends. I Love You Mummy and Daddy for having me as your second child.

My best bud is my 6-years-old naughty little poodle. His name is Hippy and he sleeps in my room most of the time. He is part of my family now and my love grows fonder for him day by day. Besides, Hippy also has some weird habits such as he tries to “mate” with my friends legs whenever they are over to home sweet home. Haha.

I think Hippy caught enough attention and it’s time to be back to the topic which is “About Me”. Among my friends I have this nickname of “Hyper Girl”. They called me that is merely because I am active and sometimes a little too hyper actually. I am passionate about singing, dancing, yoga, modeling, pretty much all about moving my body and staying healthy.

Sometimes a girl can’t just stick to studying all the time. She’s gotta pursue her passions and do the things she love. For me, that’s modeling and fashion! 🙂

Although I’m not a full time model but to me, the experience has been enriching. Not many people get to experience it, with so much attention on you, it’s overwhelming but fun at the same time. I got to meet lots of different people, like Amber Chia!

Study is stressful sometimes but I don’t neglect it either. Finishing A-level is just a stepping stone to my dream of becoming a Human Nutritionist. I had worked hard and studied hard and most of my efforts paid off. I wont say study is my favorite thing to do, but I would surely say it does and will bring a change to my future. (Aiming for my DREAM!)

I too love traveling with my friends as they are a bunch of jokers who always make my day. They can just pull a joke out from thin air and we can laugh about it all day long. I am not to said totally friendly all the time, but at least I have few best friends to support me and guide my way trough thick and thin of my life. I love them so much and I would never change anything about them. Love the way they are. They lighten my day with just a crack of joke or just a simple Mamak stall Yam-Char session.

To be exact, I have been blogging for three years now since 2007. I blogged about the interesting fragments of my life. I blogged to entertain people and bloggers are entertainers 😀 Hoping others will see how am I doing and what is interesting going on with my life.

I will continue blogging and will entertain my readers and you are my loyal fans of my blogs. Thanks to Feeq for making me the featured blogger for this week! I hope this post will let you guys know juz a little more about the one and only Liki.

Liki Pink Latte

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