Boo! Homosapiens! XD

Before I begin with my story, I would like to thank Feeq for giving me this opportunity to be his featured blogger of the week. I am glad that I am chosen.

My name is Jiayeen. I blog at I started blogging since year 2009 but wasn’t really active until this year, year 2010.

I bet you all wonder who am I? Why should I be featured? I am a 18 years old teenager, going to be 19 years old on the 2nd of December. I have a long brown/black hair(colour faded). I love to blog (obviously yes), dance, sing, compose poems? O_o I currently studying at Sunway University College.

I joined Nuffnang and I met lots of bloggers. Who said Internet are not reliable? It’s all begins with trust. I trust you, you trust me, and let’s be friends. I attended lots of movie screenings and other events.

One of the movie screening – Prince of Persia.

I blog about my life, food and others. I must admit that my blog are mostly about food but still mixture of other topics la! XD Why food? Food is like….JOY of my life. I believe I can’t live without food. Sometimes I do eat a lot, but most of the time, nope. Maybe it’s some kind of cycle?

CIMG0350 (Medium)

I love to snap pictures too. I don’t call myself as photographer but maybe photo lover.
Before I bought my baby(Canon 1000D), I used a very very basic yet lousy digital compact camera. The picture quality wasn’t really satisfy me. =( That’s why I withdrawed RM1800 from my bank account and bought my baby! XD

IMG_0525 (Medium)
Sorry for those who can’t read mandarin. =)
Yes, I love to snap any random shots.

IMG_0570 (Medium)
Thanks to my darlings who is willing to be my so-called models. =)

IMG_0664 (Medium)
One of the shots that I like. =D

I am not only blogger but also promoter. I am currently having my really long semester break. It’s until next year February. =.= FML.


Do you want to be serve by me? =) Spot me then XD
Sorry for the bad quality of this picture. It’s using a camera phone. XD

Sometimes I help my friends by being their model since they wanna practice their photography skills. I didn’t say I am pretty or what, just self-confident enough when I’m in front of a camera. =D

Jiayeen and her baby 1000D.

I kinda like this shot.
It’s combination of emo and happy? I don’t know. XD

I am fat? I know. I have told myself not to eat so much but still….can’t resist the seduction of the food. XD

Wanna know more about me? Who am I? Jiayeen.
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Or Facebook. Search for me by yourself.
It’s for me to keep, for you to search. XD

Once again, Aligato, Feeq! XD