Bonjour! Appreciations to Feeq, the mastermind of this blog, for choosing me to be the featured blogger for this week. My first and hopefully more to come.

Let me introduce myself, I am the brains behind Bonjour Glow http://bonjour-glow.blogspot.com and you may call me Glow. I am not radioactive so I don’t literally GLOW. Perhaps on certain days when I’ve rolled out of the right side of the bed, after a good night’s sleep, filled with purpose and anticipation.

I am a girl woman. Last my gynae checked anyway. In my mid 20s and hoping to stay there for a few decades. Daipo Hakka by descendants and yes I can speak Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin however Hokkien still eludes me. I can neither read or write in Chinese characters but I did learn 3 years of French and a year of Japanese. As you might be able to tell languages intrigues me as well as cultures.

Shall we move to what my blog is about?

Bonjour Glow started way back in 2006 under a different name. Only until last last year that the catalyst blogging bug bit me. Ever since then I’ve been contributing my little pieces in the vast blogsphere.

My blog consist a few things.

Animals. I love them to bits. Currently there is a menagerie of a Siberian Husky named Sky, Shih Tsu called Gucci and a cat christened Lulou in my home.

I also blog about cats I encounter on the streets. You can check out the super star cats I have featured HERE! Like humans each of them have their own personality and I try to high light that by giving then a back ground story based on my observations. Sort of my part in raising awareness of unloved animals.

Another passion of mine is photography. Far from calling myself a photographer, in fact noob suites me just fine, I actually prefer the simplicity and technique of using the ever humble camera handphone to capture images that strike my attention. Yes the collage above is taken with either Sony Ericsson K-800i / C-903

Like many people I love to travel. Then similar many more, the financial opportunities are not as frequent as we may like. But when the opportunity does come, my favourite part has always been the hotel. The décor, facilities, luxuries and housekeeping. I love staying in hotels.

Oh by the way this is my partner in crime, Ben. We love food, from fine dining to hawker feasts. Any where we go be sure that we’ll try out both ends of the gastronomic fair.

The main purpose of me blogging is to chronicle my thoughts and experience for the future. Just in case I lose my memories, I’ll always have Bonjour Glow and the lovely fellow bloggers to look back too.

So do come and visit me. Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to reply.

Once more, thank you Feeq for the sudden yet delightful invite to be here.