Hi ! I’m Everlyn and I’m having a blog named “Everlyn Is Sexaayy”.
I’ve started to blog since last year, but stopped for a long time ‘coz didn’t have the interest to write anything. The name of the blog was Everlyn Red Candy, I guess.
I’ve started to update everyday since July 2010 and changed the name to “Everlyn Is Sexaayy” =)

It’s funny if I’m saying myself cute ‘coz I’m not at all !!
But people do say I’m sexy, so I guess that’s why I’m putting this name. =)
No nickname, just my name, Everlyn, my real name.
I like to blog about my everyday life, I mean only interesting ones.

My facebook? Here!
My Twitter? Here!

I even uploaded some videos of me playing musical instruments with my siblings. =D
I sometimes write about food, fashion, movies, travelling, and so on.

I actually have 2 blogs, another blog is about Japanese, ”Japanese World”, I’m teaching Japanese language too by the way, but only on the blog. Hehe.

But this is my main blog, “Everlyn Is Sexaayy”, I would like this blog to be the featured blog of the week.

I wanna share everything with the readers or the public.
That’s why I always make my posts look interesting, like putting the pictures to show my expressions, or coloring the special words =)

It feels great when someone appreciates your blog or reads your blog.
I will write even more interesting posts if I’m chosen to be the featured blogger of the week, ‘coz more readers makes me write more !!
I hope I’m lucky, thank you !!


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