Erika Toh – HAUS OF KAKA

No.1 Haus Of Kaka_Erika_CLEO
Last week,
As I was busy tweeting and reading the updates feed,
I received a surprised DM from the adorable Feeq
inviting me to be his “Blogger of the Week”!
OMG, fuyoh, I just couldn’t believe it!
But eventually I did~ ^^

No.2 Haus Of Kaka_Minnie Erika2_Edited
So, here I am now in his extraordinary blog,
with a poem to do all the intro and talk,
about me and my humble blog,
that walk the walk and talk the talk.

No.3 Haus Of Kaka_Erika_Arts Day
A petite ‘lil lady from the Historical City of Malacca @ Melaka,
who shares my life and experiences in the HAUS OF KAKA,
Loves all things black and white with a dash of pink,
and is always obsessed with these five things :
Fashion. Beauty. Photography. Music. and Food among other things. 😉

No.4 Haus Of Kaka_Erika_Marriot
A dreamy, cheerful and happy-go-lucky Pisces by nature,
My qualities are as in the below picture.
Is a firm believer that fairytales do come true,
with strong conviction, faith and belief, there’s nothing I can’t do.

No.5 Haus Of Kaka_Good_Pisces

No.6 Haus Of Kaka_Erika_Prom Queen
Always in love with life and all things cute, lovely, unique and beautiful,
Oh, life is a bliss, always so wonderful…
With that we have come to the end of the story,
about me and a little bit of my history.

No.7 Haus Of Kaka_Teacher Erika
Do visit my blog and leave some constructional comments or critic,
I hope it’ll be an inspiration for the unmotivated, sad and weak,
to find their inner true self and discover what makes them tick and click,
To happiness, health and contentment we seek.

No.8 Haus Of Kaka_Erika_Cute
Of course all these isn’t possible if it’s not for an angel named Feeq,
His deeds are noble and his heart is certainly big.
Keep up the good work to look and nurture,
all the featured bloggers out there for the betterment of our future.
Peace, XOXO~
Love, Erika Toh^^

~Copyrighted by Erica Toh @ 2010. All rights reserved~ ♥

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