Hey peeps! 😀

First of all, I would like to thanks to Feeq for giving me an opportunity to be featured in his blog!

To be honest, I never thought of being featured in someone blog, so yes I feel very honored to be featured at here! 😀

A brief intro about me:
Caroline Ng May Ling is the name given and was born in Labuan and currently staying at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. So now you know that am from East Malaysia.

Psss… I am a mix blood of Chinese and Kadazan girl – Sino Kadazan.

Am just an ordinary, kind and friendly girl to be friend with. I learn from past mistakes and improve myself to be better person for people that I love and care.
Loves family. Hearts my love one. Adores my friends.

Hates liars, hypocrites and back stabbers. I love white and pink very much.
Most of the people saying me like a kid but hey am turning to 21 this 1st of December! :p

Unlike other blogs, my blog is way more to personal diary.
My stories is my blog, my blog is my stories! You can see how my blog’s header represents people who are very important in my life.

Not to forget that there are three friends which I really adore and people who I really can share my thoughts – Merryn (http://submerryn.com), Witch (http://iamthewitch.com) and Foong (http://foongpc.blogspot.com)

Visit my blog to get to know me more.
I enjoy reading friend’s blogs and happy to know them too!

And hey those who are on twitterville, come and join me and the gang tweet happily!
My twitter : @carolinemayling