“The sounds you’re about to hear, are coming out of my mouth,” it is cheesy but it works as a show opener all the time for one of Malaysia’s most experienced beatboxer, ABeatC.

unplugged no 1
For the lots who do not know who he is, ABeatC is just your average-looking guy who studies in Taylor’s, and even though he is only 19, he has been beatboxing for over 3 years, and his passion for the art has only grown stronger since day 1.

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Email: abeatcbooking@gmail.com

with friends
Other than shows and events, he still finds time to chill with his friends

He has been acquiring several achievements on his way to stardom; one of the most recent of his achievements is being the 1st runner up of Unplugged 2010, an event organized by Acts Church, collaborating with his close friends, Coex and Mr.C.

unplugged no 2
At Unplugged 2010 with his friends, Mr.C (center) and DJ Coex (right)

He has been performing in numerous places and events, such as Mist Club, Youth 09 and 10, and even Urbanscape 2010, and that is just only a small part of his footsteps.

indie youth fest 09
Shot’s taken in Indie Youth Fest 09

with tux
Getting crazy =D

Other than doing shows and events, he has also done workshops for teaching adults how to beatbox, yeap, a 19 year old is teaching 30-40 year old how to beatbox.

studio 51 solo
Teaching basics of beatboxing to groups of drummers and percussionist

studio 51 jam
Jamming with Malaysia’s own legendary drummer, Zahid Ahmad (guy in cap) in Studio 51 Drum & Percussion Workshop.

studio 51 teaching
The MC demonstrating what he had just learn for the past 20 minute =D

To continue his teaching in the art of beatbox, he has recently established the Taylor’s Beatbox Club in Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, and the club currently has over 100 members, and weekly workshops and events are organized from time to time.