This is 2nd part of the Shake it, Spin it. The 1st part is dance workshop and 2nd part is dance competition. They have number of contestant who not only from Nilai University College but also from other college such as Inti University College.

Registration counter.

Door gift.

Our bar tender on that day ^^ Goh…

French fries RM1.00 They came with the promotion that Mocktail + French Fries for RM4.00


Food counter.

Practice make perfect.

The crowd.

Victor XD

Can you find Mr Edward inside the picture? I f can, you tell me and claim with me candy ^^

Honze, MC on that day.

DJ in the house…

The judges.

Performance from the judges.

Before and after the event they are friends. During the battle, they are enemy.

The battle will begin…lets the picture do the talk.

Some of the b-boy (break dance boy).

The winner on that day.