I have opportunity to attend such a great event that held at Singapore from 17 of July – 26 of July 2009 which is the theme is “Peranakan”
I receive $150 (RM336) to spend on the food and activity on that event. They having their showcase of Peranakan food along Read Bridge and a dazzling showcase of exquisite handicraft at the Singapore River Market.

Registration counter.

The coupon ticket.

Chicken Rice stall which is only $2 (RM4). The portion so small.

Satay & Otak-Otak.

Rojak. They use the old machine to make a peanut.

R Burger which is almost same with the Mr. Baoz in malaysia.

Sling is “National Cocktail of Singapore”

Pineapple tart.

Some of the stall that open their booth on that day.

Some of the food that sold on that day.

Pineapple tart. not bad…not too sweet and the pineapple jam so thick.

Prawn Noodle. The worth food on that day. Not only big, nice also. Can you see the size of huge prawn?

R Burger.

Stuffed Nan Cheese.

The blogger & media take action.

The performance start by the arts group students which is known as Samba Masala.

Singapore miss world 2009 finalist.

Launch by the Ministry of Tourism Singapore.

The original Peranakan people.

Perfomance start by the Samba Masala.

MC on that day.

The Peranakan Voice from Peranakan Association have a nice performance by sang the peranakan songs such as Nasi Ulam & Geylang si paku Geylang.

The crowd on the food booth.

Some of my favourite bar & club such as clinic XD