Angel’s Night. This is orientation night for nursing students which is the program was conduct by the nursing students and not the counselor like what normally I do. I respect them because even though they busy with class, but still can organize great event and make the night happening. They inform me that they only have 2-3 days practice & 1 day rehearsal. Thats great right? Actually I don’t know about the event until one of my buddies, terance (the MC on that day) told me…(outdated right?)

The prizes to NUC Nursing students July 2009 intake.

Food that prepared for the guests. That awesome, since I haven’t eat, than me and my housemate go hunting food lor…

MC of the day.

Not sure who are they. If not mistaken, lecturer and head of nursing.

The judges.

1st group, dance performance.

2nd Group, Cinderella drama.

3rd Group, dance and some drama.

4th Group, masquerade drama.

5th Group, nursing + angels & demon drama.

6th Group, the journey drama.

Performance from the nursing senior student july 2009.

7th Group, sing + dance performance.

8th Group, cultural dance.

9th Group, Wonder girls dance with nobody songs. Once the music start playing, the group of Korean girl shouting wonder girl name and start sang…just beside me =.=”

10th Group, Cat walk + dance.

11th Group, Singing performance.

12th Group, Cinderella drama.

Hot dance from senior nursing of july 2009.

The crowd.

Angels. More like prom king and queen.

Prizes giving.

Your truly and MC on that day ^^

6th & 9th group is my favorite performance on that day.