For the first time ever, a camp that brings together student leaders from the private education institutions in Malaysia to discuss the theme “Cultural Relations: Leading in Solidarity.”
Leadership potential is a valuable asset.This is especially so for student leaders, who if given the opportunity to further develop their potential, could become future national as well as global leaders.These student leaders could make significant contributions to various industries, multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations as well as community-based associations, both in the national and global scene. The world is now at a stage where borders are getting more permeable for its global citizens. An awareness of cultural differences is therefore a very important factor in ensuring success for any endeavour. It is with these factors in mind that a project for a leadership camp as well as the development of a leadership module meant for students of tertiary institutions was envisaged.
Warm welcome from NUC 2009 Student from different place & culture.

The camp is to provide student leaders with a platform to develop their potential to be future leaders of the world. The objectives of the project include: Sharpening of Leadership Skills It is recognized that the student leaders have the potential to be future leaders of the nation they represent, if not the world.The potential, which inherently exists in them, has to be sharpened to be fully developed.This camp would provide the student leaders with expert guidance based on new-age theoretical and practical knowledge on how to lead a team effectively.

Opportunity for Self-Development The activities conducted during the course of the training would enable participants to develop their soft skills, especially in terms of interaction (teamwork, formal group etiquette, etc.) confidence, as well as lateral and critical thinking Initiation of a Network The camp would enable students to network amongst themselves, course leaders and guest speakers. This early network could in future be developed further to form an important tool in their professional arsenal that would be used in their future dealings with each other as student leaders and in their working lives. The presence of international students means that the network established would be extensive and global in nature.
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