After past a month that the committee stress + migraine ^^ The day has came. 12 of August 2009 is the day that all our hard work was show on that night. Yup, we only the group that organize event at Nilai Spring Resort Hotel. Success??? I can’t say like that. There have sentence things that was not perfect from my eyes. I will let you guys know in the next post which is I will tell you guys what happened in behind of the scenes ^^

The ballroom of Nilai Spring Resort Hotel.

That’s the night…

The Salvation Army… All your kindness and support will go to the charity. The Salvation Army was located at Malacca.

V.I.P. Table.

2 of that table is the first group who paid the ticket.

Ready for the dance floor?

Emcee of the day… Carmen & Mathew. Thanks a lot guys.

The drum guys who make the opening ceremony.

Free to Fall band.

Eat time…It is buffet…

U like it? =.=”

Brian won the best dressed.

The main course area from rice to meat.

Appetizer section.

Dessert section.

Prom Question & Answer section.

Izzah from Malaysia.

Khadijah from Nigeria.

Liu from China.



Prom King & Queen crowning.

The Prom King & Queen goes to Ahmed Ghulam & Azirah.

Sim & Efei.

Cani & Ben.

David & Adeline.

Alice & Vivi.

Ben & Samuel.

Kah Wai & Samuel.

Kah Wai & Edmund.

Rong Xiang & Alice.

Song Lin & Kosep.

Kosep & Rong Xiang.

Gui San & Rong Xiang.

Rong Xiang & Partner.

Izzah & partner.

Izzah & Me.

Nazim & Suaka.

Shahira & Aaron.

Fan & Me…Gay?

Andrew & Gui San.

Shelby & Dharvin.

Gui San & Fan.

Aaron & Me.
Fan & Me.

Me & Awang Shahril..The DJ of the day.

Ahmed Ghulam the Prom King of the day & Me.

fan & Mon.

Dharvin & Sze Ting.

Aaron & Sze Ting.

Sze ting & Samuel.

Samuel & Brian.

Prabu & Izzah.

Samuel & Corliss.

Me & Samuel.

Aaron & Samuel.

Samuel & Shahirah.

Me & Shahirah.

Samuel & Ng Pia Sun.

Me & Ng Pia Sun.

Joyce & Samuel.

Joyce & Me.

Me & Sacha.

Fan & Sacha.

Sacha & Andrew.

Sache & Mazen.

Yong & Me.

Me & Eleeza.

Naddya & Samuel.

Naddya & Me.

Kosep & Me.

From Left…Goh, Me & biondi.

From Left…Chu, Vern & Kelvin.

Charlies Angels?

From Left…Vern, kelvin & Alice.


From Left…Samuel, Andrew & Darren.

From Left…Sim, Goh, Biondi, kah Wai & EeFei.

From Left…Kosep, Alice & friends.

The Security of the day. From left…Chris, Sacha, Mazen & Yong.

From Left…Kian Wah, Sherlley, Shahira, Andrew & Aaron.

From Left, Sherlley, Shy, Shahira & me.

From Left…Fan, Shahira, Me & Sherlley.

From Left…Shahira, Me, Aaron & Sherlley.

From Left…Fan, Me, Shahira & Eleeza.

From left…Ahmed Ghulam, Me, Hasib & Dharvin.

From Left…Kosep, Alice, Cani, Ben, Su Kee & Owen.

The Indonesia students who alsays supported.

The victor and the group of drum guys.

The Committee.