School of Hospitality.

School of Engineering.

Alvin, E, Seakin, Chris & Albert.

Wah…My senior all graduate d…When la my graduate… Next year… Really will miss you all.

Me & Seakin. Seakin?…Hmmm Diploma in hotel Management. She cute & sometime can tiau people wor…I know him when first time I join counselor. She the one who recomanded me to the senior counselor & Alfred. Then the first task is Campus Tour. I work under her. She is the best secretary that I know before and not kedekut to treat people. Now, she fall in love…with who? with Korea food leh…same with me…hehe. Now she work near Pavilion, so it’s easy for me to hang out with her during her lunch time since I will continue study @ Berjaya Times Square University of Hospitality.

Me, Chris & Chooi Yee… Chris? Independent guy & love western food. Always be my experiment rat to try new restaurant to put in my blog XD. Ex chief of counselor…ai ai chief… He taking Diploma in Mechanical engineering if not mistaken and also sometime can serious & crazy… Couple with Chooi yee hehe… 1 person @ Kl & 1 person go Canada…

Ah Bee & Me. The guy who always happy & not much trouble inside his mind. Now working @ Kl d & hope success in your future ^^

Seakin punya flower ^^ … White…pure XD

I not really understand why people like to give flower. Dah lah mahal, tiada boleh makan pula.

Teddy bear…I want bear bear ^^

The food that provided…Not bad… Drinks? Air sirap lah ^^