Guess what, There are bringing them back to life…

through our event for the night, we are bringing back two of world’s most influential artists, ON STAGE…

Eventhough they had left the world, their legends lives.
We are staging the best works of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley on that night.

So guys, lets rock and roll…n pamper yourselves as celebrities on the night… full of glamour and popularity and together, lets do our part to the unfortunate ones by lending a helping hand.

Samuel & Me.

Eleeza & Me…the beauty and the beast. Ya… I know I’m beast T_T

The photographer of the day…Tebu & Feeq.

Kosep & Me.

Me, Chloe & Yick Seng.

Me & Aaron.

Me & Azirah.

Me & Alice.

Aaron & the girls… James Bond hamsap version ^^

Kian Wah, me & Fu Kah Wai.

From left… Aaron, Andrew Lim, Mr. Edward (event management coordinator), Feeq & Kian Wah.

Emcee of the day… Housie & Azirah.

Me & Fan.


Sempoi gang…Niisa and the boy…

From left…Andrew Tan, Kian Wah, Wee Liang, Vui Tiong, Han Jian and ermmm…sorry forget your name lah leng chai…

Legends in the future??? Shelley and the gang….

F&B counter.

Dinning area.

Security of the day??? really ar??? can secure meh?

Gift & lucky draw…

Registration counter.

Warm welcome from the “Legends to Life”

Meal of the day.

The awakening.

Mr. Edward.

Franky a.k.a. Chloe’s uncle. Big fan of Elvis Presley.

When 2 big fan guys of Elvis Presley met each other…

Birthday boys & girls in the month of August.

The performance.

Dance floor that makes a crowd.


The committee of the day… Good job guys XD