Last week, I went to KDU International Food Festival 2010 right after my visit to Crocs Warehouse Sales! Meet up with Jason and some of my friends to grab my brunch. Back then, KDU is one of my choice where I plan to continue study my degree but now I prefer Taylor after one of their marketing staff looks down on me. Even I went to ask about the course, my friend also said the same things.

I attend a lot of food festival that organize by other college and I can say that KDU is the happening food festival organize by students that I attend before. All the food finish quite fast where by 1pm some of the stall was closed down.

Some of the stall that run by the students.

There’s have a lot of food and this is some of it. I just curious what is the sauce that mix with the apple. Anybody can tell me?

They have a DJ in the house!

I realized that every stall decorated with different theme and it’s really nice! Even some of the student who run culture food, they dress up followed their theme.

Group picture with my fisheye like usual. Thanks to Luqman for treat me XD

By the way, anybody know who is her? She looks like one of my ex schoolmate.

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