Thanks to the Tonguechic when they gave me pair of free ticket to watch preview screening “The Proposal” on 20 of July 2009. Eleeza…will you marry me? XD…The Proposal fake version…

Original “The Proposal”

The counter.

The ticket for two person.

The Proposal stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds as Margaret and Andrew respectably. Hasn’t Reynolds been getting hotter with every passing day? Who’s with me now? Yum! Anyhow, Margaret’s a high-powered editor who faces possibilities of deportation to her native Canada, and impulsively combats the problem by announcing her engagement to her assistant, Andrew. What entails of course, is a ball of chaos!

When all the feeling start change your perception. The feeling start with the power of kiss.

The sexiest guy in the town.

Run for your life!!!

The funny grandma…

My dates XD