Indonesian Society of Nilai International University College is open not only for Indonesian Students but also students from diverse cultures and countries who are active at Nilai International University College. The organizational mission are:

First, to acquire the aspirations and opinions from the members in order to meet their objectives in term of organizational activities.
Second, introduce the existence of Indonesian students and its members in any activities held either inside or outside campus.
Third, strengthen the relation especially among Indonesian students and, generally, foreign students at Nilai International University College.

NUC Indonesian Society proudly presents Indonesian Movie Festival which will be held at 22 – 23 July 2009. This events is held within purpose to introduce Indonesian culture (films) to Nilai College audience which will ultimately strengthen the relationship between them, there will be more people who have brief picture of Indonesia and feel that they have to visit Indonesia, and the most important things, TO BOND FRIENDSHIP WITH PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRY!!.

This events will show 4 best and quality Indonesian movie which is Fiksi ( The Fiction), Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops), Perempuan Berkalung Sorban (Woman with a Turban), Jelangkung (The Uninvited); All with english subtitle!!!

The movie that I choose on that event is Fiksi (The Fiction)

It is about Alisha is a young woman with traumatic childhood. She never feels alive in her big house until she sees Bari, a writer who lives in a block of flats with her long time girlfriend, Renta. Alisha’s pursuit for love pushes her to move in next door to Bari’s. Lives in that block of flats is like a mosaic in small world. Alisha begins to involve in the lives of other thenants with her own ways. This is a story about the dark side of love. Of an obsession. Of a dream. This movie won Indonesia Movie Festival ( BestDirector, Best Screenplay, Best Music) and official selection of Pusan International Film Festival, World Film Festival of Bangkok, and Jogja Netpac Asian Film Festival. The Jakarta Post said that, Fiksi.’ best left a fictional tale after all, the dark side of Alice in Wonderland.

Junk food. It is better if popcorn XD


The junk food & drink as complimentary.

Good event guys…keep it up ^^