Horoscope Night 2009.

The Diploma in Culinary Arts who help to prepare the food on that night.


Buffet time…

Mocktail. They have 12 type of different mocktail which is guest will receive the mocktail based on their star.

The hamper…sponsor from Nestle.

Some of the mocktail.


Fried Chicken.


Chicken & Beef Ball.

Fried Rice.

Pasta Sauce.


Wheatgrass…Free flow on that day.

Mr. Edward sang. You have a great voice man… XD

Perfomance from INTI.

Fashion Show.

Supported from junior & senior NUC students.

My mother said don’t drink alcohol. Why? Later be like this…

See? That’s the reason XD

I just don’t like some people who like to waste. I know it is buffet but, please don’t take too much until you can’t finish it.

When the restaurant busy with the dance floor, Owen busy with other things. It’s ok, we all understand ^^

Good job guys…You all have done a great job.

After the event, most of the community & friends went to Desa Palma to have some supper time ^^