Last Thursday 20.08.09, Students from School of Hospitality Nilai University College have opportunity to spend a little bit their time to meet the Salvation Army kids. We went there from NUC around 12noon and reach there around 3pm. 2 car was involve which is 10 people went to the Salvation Army. 1st car (Me, Eleeza, Andrew, Sacha & Fan) & 2nd car (Shahira, Corliss, Qin, Ng Pia Sun & Joyce). The purpose that we went there is to give the charity money & also to have a great time with the kids. Thanks to those who support our previous event which is make us able to get the profit and gave to them to make them have a better life.
Welcome to The Salvation Army Malacca.

The office buildings which is under renovation.

This the only place for them to have fun…can you see the playground condition?

This what they need. Please, those who stay @ Malacca to drop by and donate to them something. Sharing is caring…

On the way to meet the kids. We bought the stuff from Tesco.

We had some light snack with them.

we had a great time there…If can, we want stay longer but the problem is, time…We play a few games with them.

I always thought that I’m the unlucky guy in this world but once I saw them, meet them & know them I felt that I wrong. Even though they lack a lot of thing especially love, they try to find another way to get “love”

Before we left and go to the office to give the money, we had a last chat & picture as sweet memory.

Before we left, suddenly the salvation army kids came out and play @ the playground. Maybe it is their time to have some fresh air…

Nilai University College students & staff who make us have an opportunity to come to here.

Also known as Lighthouse Children’s Home.

We can’t get this much amount if not because of the people who support & attend the our event “NUC2009 Prom Night”. They said they really apperciate it. Thanks guys because support us in the event at the same time you guys do a charity.

Last group picture with Salvation Army kids…