Those who haven’t read part 1, please click Part 1. This is the day before the event “Nite of Illusions”. A lot of problem before and during the event that people don’t know. The Nilai Spring Resort Hotel also @#$%. Before get the money, they promise a lot of things but after that??? haiz…

“Malaysian Time” already in our blood? Even though this event not million dollar project, but please la…punctuality is very important. I’m still remember when I in Singapore. Most of them are punctual.

We had our preparation 1 day before the event and we start it from 5pm++ till late.



Gui San…

Our DJ of the day… DJ ASH.

Play or work? haiz…this gay partner =.=”

Someone die?

Sacha, are you reload???

Preparing the goodies bag.

Everybody excited with the booklet =.=”

Discussion with the Nilai Spring Resort Hotel Sales & Marketing department & F&B Department.

Preparation of photoshoot backdrop.

The photoshoot background…

The stage…

Some of them new in organizing event, but learning is important. I respect some of my group because they would like to learn.