I learn from 1 girl which is she told me that, to do charity, we still need profit. With out profit, we cant move on. Students from School of Hospitality Nilai University College 2009 was divided to five group and each of group need to organize an event. The previous event that has organize by the other group are… Horoscope Night, Shake it Spin it, Legends to Life, NUC 2009 Prom Night “Nite of Illusions” and the last one which will be held on this Monday is Fashion Spotlight.

We had our survey among the NUC students what the event they want from NUC and as the conclusion is prom night. The last prom night was organize in past 2 years at Pan Pacific Hotel on 2007 which is they had Reshmonu as invited artist. So, the committee has agree to organize the Prom Night which is it will be the biggest event that organize by students from school of hospitality at the grand venue, Nilai Spring Resort Hotel.

Teamwork among the committee is very important to make sure that the event will goes smoothly according to the plan. We was start our event with RM20.00 from each of the committee and the first things that we have done is publicity.

Ticket price was set with the reasonable price to make sure all the students will have opportunity to attend the event. Profit is not number one in our list but the important things is the successful of the event and also guest satisfaction.

Sponsor and supported from other organization is very important. We receive quite number of support form the organization and also students. The sponsor of the event was help us to make the event successful.

To complete the prom night, we open registration for the prom king & queen. The nomination was done by the students it self.

The profit will go to the charity. The salvation Army has been choose because of a few factor such as the wants and needs of the organization.

During our 1st day (1st of July 2009) of the opening booth, we was supported by the Hotlink Crew member which is they was help us promote and also create awareness…i think make a noise in our booth is better description ^^

We was opening our booth for promote and sell the ticket to the students for past 1 month and we really appreciate to all our member who support the event not only form school of hospitality but also school of engineering such as Edmund and Kian wah & friends.

Discussion and any new idea that come out in our mind really make our relationship among the friends closer and we feel like work in 1 big family even though have some misunderstanding & argument. In this world, nobody perfect.

So, life is not the destination but it is the journey. We learn from the past and mistake to stand up and make sure what we has planning will successful.

Will continue in next post “A day before the event”