Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2009 has been held at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands last Sunday. This is my first time where I attend Augerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH)

Have a great experience but unfortunately we do not manage to have fun at Genting Theme Park. With my condition Sleepy + Felt want vomit + Fever, it’s make my day… SIENZ!

I really want take his picture and I’m so lucky that I came on the right time…
Aaron Aziz from Singapore XD

The winner of that day are:

1. Anugerah Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular – Aznil Haji Nawawi

2. Anugerah Pengacara TV Wanita Popular – Fara Fauzana

3. Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular – Faizal Ismail

4. Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular – Fara Fauzana

5. Penyanyi Duo/Artis Berkumpulan – Bunkface

6. Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular – Nabil Raja Lawak

7. Artis Komedi Wanita Popular – Norkhiriah

8. Artis Baru Lelaki Popular – Black

9. Artis Baru Wanita Popular – Yuna

10. Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular – Remy Ishak

11. Pelakon TV Wanita Popular – Tiz Zaqyah

12. Penyanyi Nasyid Popular – Rabbani

13. Penyanyi Lelaki Popular – Aizat

14. Penyanyi Wanita Popular – Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza

15. Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular – Que Haidar

16. Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular – Liyana Jasmay

(Anugerah Khas) Anugerah Pencapaian Sepanjang Hayat – Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim

Bintang Paling Popular – Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza (225,300 Undi!)

Emcee of the day Raja Azura and Sharifah Shahira.

The event kick off with the 1st performance by Faizal Tahir and Bunkface.

Anybody know who are they?

M Daud Kilau and his performer.

Some of the artist who in the picture are Dafi, Akim, Diana Danielle and Marsha.

Award presentation.

Nasyid by Rabbani.

We leave right after this performance since I damn sienz + need to go back Nilai.

Last but not least group picture.
Clockwise: Zakaria, Badri, Fadli, Clara & Little Monkey.

Someone Back From Japan!
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