Hi guys, This is the 4th post about Clinique Tea Party @ The Garden Cafe 1 Utama has been held last Thursday, 26.11.09.
The previous post you can get it here…
1st, 2nd & 3rd Tea Party.

I always heard people said that “there’s no such things ugly people but only have lazy people”

Clinique once again celebrate their loyal customer at The Garden Cafe.
So, should I use a Clinique product now? Haha…

Guest enjoying their meal. As usual The Garden Cafe never failed to served them good food.
To view the food? Click HERE!

You can check her blog here… Shannon Keng!
She bring her 15 friends for the Clinique Tea Party!

Clinique come out with a great party. Knowledge, Food & Fun XD
As result? Hehe Halloween party!!! XDXDXD

Event briefing.
Clinique skin care & make-over session from 2pm-5pm!

Demonstration by the Clinique.

All the guest gain a lot of knowledge about their skin & also how to use the Clinique product. Can see the crowd? Damn awesome!!!

Group Photo!
The girls of the day.