When you feel lonely, think back. Did you alone?
Sometime we forget that there’s still have a people who there for you. Some people think that they wont be able to stand after their falls.
Mistake & problems always come all of the time but it’s depends on yourself how you want to overcome the problem.

If you give up, you will be there all the time.

I really miss the day that I spend with them. Yesterday went to PC Fair and met them…Who? Later la I tell. We decided to have our lunch with cute green frog.
Small little frog provide us a nice meal for lunch XD

Yea!!! I’m at Sakae Sushi KLCC
Should I introduce this cute frog? No need right? There’s have thousand review about it and just go to google & search it XD
This is my 4th time went to Sakae sushi. My last time visit is when my tennis coach treat us after our competition with the sunway college XD

This frog restaurant offer a variety of Japanese sushi…

The crowd.
What can you aspect on weekend & there’s have PC fair also!

Cosy interior.
Full house!!!

Cute little frog menu ^^

This is the proper way to order the food XO
Use must use a computer to order. It’s very easy. If this is your 1st visit, there’s have a guide how to use it on the 2nd page of the menu.

Sushi attack!!!


Salmon Sushi @ RM1.90 for 2pcs.
Fresh and airflown sliced raw salmon on sushi rice balls. The rice not really firm enough. Kah Wai keep complaining that she can’t eat the rice properly…poor Kah Wai…

Soft Shell Crab @ RM3.90.
Hand roll filled with crispy, succulent soft shell crab, green coral and shredded cucumber. The soft shell crab is quite good but Kah Wai told me that Sushi Zanmai offer better soft shell crab? I will try it one day XD

Tuna Mayo Inari @ RM3.90.
One plain rice-filled sweet beancurd skin and one inari sushi topped with tuna mayonnaise.

Chuka Idako @ RM5.90.
Seasoned baby octopus.

Tamago Sushi @ RM3.90.
Sweet Japanese egg omelette on sushi rice ball.

Unatama Don @ RM15.90.
This is mine! Unagi fan all of the time XD
I fan of Unagi… Since I’m too hungry, I had my 1st time try Unatama Don. Not bad and it’s melt in my mouth grilled unagi topped with egg and onions served on a bed of soft and warm rice!

Beef Kamameshi @ RM12.90.
This Edmund ate! Since I can’t eat beef, I “steal” his sliced of beef a little bit only.
The traditional Japanese iron pot rice topped with sirloin beef, Japanese mushroom and green peas. Served with ginger soy sauce!

Ten Don @ RM13.90.
This is what Kah Wai order.
A Japanese rice bowl served with prawn tempura, crabstick tempura, and vegetable tempura drizzled with donburi sauce!

Your truly. Sad face? lolx

Edmund & Kah Wai.

Miss them so much…
*heart* XDXDXD

Overall I will vote:
6/10 for the service. Damn slow. They also forget our green tea!
7/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food not bad but the rice need improvement.
8/10 for the environment. I love frog XD

Sakae Sushi,
Suria KLCC
Shop 428, Level 4, Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No:
603-2166 6220

603-2166 6251

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!