Have you guys surf internet from KLIA? Rm0.50 for 05 minute. It’ damn expensive =.=”

Last week, I went to KLIA to fetch Xin Ci go back Penang. Had another trip to KLIA.
Having a breakfast at McD like usual and I just realize sometime McD really can scare people.

Let’s the picture do talking!

It’s looks scary sometime!

Having a McD as my breakfast, normal liao. Whenever I travel by flight, McD is my choice! XD
Same goes when I had my visit to Penang last year!

Thanks to Xin Ci for the breakfast XD
I love pancake… Really miss my pancake @ Mandarin Oriental Singapore!

Xin Xi & Me!

It’s easy to surf internet from KLIA!
1st: Touch the Internet logo on the screen (touch screen machine)
2nd: Put in coin (RM0.50 for 05minute)
3rd: Type your website link
4th: Start surf!