Before we left Broga, this is the last place that I feed my cute stomach. It’s ice kacang time… dessert!!!
The stall operate by friendly uncle Lim for more than 30years old at Broga Village and of course he enjoying brisk business. It’s located nearby with police station and eventhough it’s looks simple but it has all the right ingredients and it’s reasonable price too.

One of the reason that I didn’t bring my camera if I go out have a dinner with my family, my dad will scold me… “tak pernah nampak makanan ke?”

The shaved ice really smooth and it’s only RM2.20 per bowl.
It’s really our best friend when the sun on top of our head! WTF noon wor…really hot leh…

All of the ingredient!

She still can da bao wei!!!
I really admire her… How come she so skinny?

Group Photo!
Monkey ^oo^, Augustine, Harmonie, Nikolas, Jeremy, Rebeca, Justin & KY.