I really appreciate that some of my reader email me and asked why nowadays there’s more event than food hunting in my blog? I stuck at Nilai for almost 2 month. I went to dine at one of my favorite Indonesia food called Bondi and I saw new cafe opened.

The next day, I give it a try and it’s awesome!

Cosy interior!

Strictly No PORK!

Not only no pork but also there have mini golf!

Beer anyone?

Let’s we start everything with the drinks.

Ice Blended Smoothie Latte @ RM5.00
Topped with fresh cream it’s just a great combination for the latte. Whenever I had a Coffee, I will go for Cappuccino or Latte. Don’t ask why because that is what I love about coffee… Some of my friends think I’m a coffee freak but I’m not. Well maybe I am because I love the thick creamy texture, the taste of good espresso, milk and latte froth. If I taste a coffee I don’t like, I certainly won’t drink it.

Buble Milk Tea Pure Honey @ RM3.50
Honestly this is not the good choice. Not only tasteless but also lack of sweetness.

Ice Blended Smoothie Pure Honey @ RM5.00
A lot of different from the bubble milk tea where it’s a little bit sweet and smooth. The ice blended well and it’s kind of soft like a snow. It reminds me to soft candy. I know this is weird to say but that the first things that came out into my mind once I drank it.

Ice Blended Smoothie Grape @ RM5.00
My first impression like… WTF… Damn sour! But it’ only my first slurp. It’s refreshing and nice as well. Not too sour or sweet but the grape taste really there. I only know one things about the grapes where it’s packed with flavonoids. The flavonoids are what make the skin of the grapes darker in color. It’s can help you to decrease the risk of heart disease. How I know? I learn during my wine class. We don’t have to drink wine to receive the benefits. We can go directly to the fresh source from where wine came from. GRAPES! and smoothies are a great way to get those nutrients into our bodies.

Bubble Milk Tea Cappuccino @ RM5.00
It’s just a normal cappuccino which is the small amount of added milk will make it sweet enough for me to enjoy the mild, slightly bitter taste of coffee and creamy froth. I still can recall when I went to Taiwan last 3years, Buble Milk Tea is famous as a children’s drink in Taiwan during the late 80s, this unique drink has since gained a following in many parts of the Western world, especially those with large Chinese populations.

Black Pepper Fish Chop Rice @ RM6.50
Recommended by the waitress where it’s a popular choices and I only can say. Go for it guys and if you dine here, make sure try this fish chop! Not only the skin is crispy but the meet also soft. Topped by black pepper sauce is just a perfect combination. Try to ask for lice of lemon where I believe will make the taste better. Came together with a bowl of rice and some pickle vegetable.

Taiwan Braised Beef Ramee @ RM6.90
Can you see the portion of the beef ramee? My friend told me that she satisfied with her meal. Not really tried it since I eat beef but it’s really looks yummy!

Italian Tomato Chicken Spaghetti @ RM6.90
I not really suggest to those who first time want to dine here. Not only the portion small, but the sauce also weird. It’s supposed to be red color since it’s tomato but it’s turn up? No comment.

Black Pepper Mutton Rice @ RM6.50
If you guys are mutton lover, this is MUST TRY dish. Unfortunately the portion quite small for me but the meat tender and cook in the perfection. The gravy is really nice where it’s not too spicy for me.

Group photo!

I will try Africa Food at Desa Melati, anybody wanna give it try?

Overall I will vote:
6/10 for the service. Better to bring those who can speak mandarin and their service damn slow.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Price reasonable and worth!
8/10 for the environment. Cosy interior and guess what? They have mini golf on the 2nd floor!

N 02″ 48. 774′
E 101″ 45. 717′

1 World Cafe,
Jalan BBN 12/1,
Melati Square, Desa Melati 3,
Putra Nilai,
71800 Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!