Still remember my previous post about Whitewater Rafting at Gopeng Perak? I had an opportunity to experience the “feeling” of staying in the jungle. So, 2D 1N I stay with my new friends… mosquito and ants…

Earth Camp is a social enterprise run by Nomad Adventure. They provide adventure and environmental education activities that foster within people from all walks of life the appreciation, knowledge, values and skills necessary to inspire ecologically-sound decisions and actions.

They also provide 1-day, 2-day or longer programs for those who love to learn in the out-of–doors. Through a variety of adventure and experiential activities, campers will investigate the natural environment of our river, forest and karst ecosystems.

The tree house are Handcrafted from wood, their tree houses are cosy dwellings for 2 persons.
4 persons can squeeze in sardine style into the 8 foot x 10 foot house. How to differentiate it? It’s easy. Just look on their window.

For 3 person per room, the window is from wood and for 2 person, the window from green color cloth and there have a tree on the middle of the room. They have a total of 14 tree houses. Each tree house has a light and two plug points. So, don’t worry if you need charge your camera batter or your phone.

When natural calling, you need a proper place to let it go ^^ At Earth Camp their bathrooms and toilets are re-purposed from polycarbonate water tanks. Each unit has either a sit-down toilet or a shower. Cool huh? For your info, they all do it by theirself. They use huge tank in order for them to easily clean it.

Re-purposing is an off-shoot of re-cycling where items meant for one purpose are re-used for another, possibly better purpose. They choose to use the polycarbonate water tanks as they are highly UV-resistant and provide a minimalist solution to our bathroom needs for Earth Camp.

Tree houses are buildings constructed among the branches, around or next to the trunk of one or more mature trees, and are raised above the ground. It’s quite fun to experience it but I hope they can prepare a thick mattress please.

This is how the room looks like. I’m so lucky where they provide room for two people and there no tree inside the room. I stay with who? ~la la la

They also have canteen in order to make sure that everyone can have enough food to eat LOL
It’s also a place for you to chill out with other people. It’s good things if you can spend 20-30 minute to meet new friend.

It’s a house that made by malt for just around 3month++.
No machine require and it done by the people who attend the training program. 100% environmentally ^^

Recycle bin from recycle stuff.
Made by washing machine part & speaker.

The best part is, we can simply eat the durian. I was informed normally the durian will fall at night. I manage to eat 4-5 durian XP

With Wan Ling. Thanks for fetch me from KL to Perak *hug*

Make sure when you walk down from your room, becareful! I almost fall down few times since it’s slippery FML!

So guys, share with me your experience if you have an adventure experience!