I still remember that I had a lot of fun when stay at kampung event hough there’s not much entertainment. I will do all the summary on my next post. This is what we had for a breakfast. For those who forget that I had awesome sponsor homestay trip, let’s I help to recall back.

Day 1 Part 1 – Leave PJ with bunch of blogger, sponsor trip by Ministry Tourism Malaysia, light travel tips with crocs, went to homestay, my foster parent house is zoo, etc..
Day 1 Part 2 – Went to rubber tree, blogger attacked by monkey, hunt the durian kampung, catch the eel etc..
Day 1 Part 3 – Entertain by the whole kampung people *heart*, silat, zapin, band, etc..
Photography – Paddy Field Scenery
Photography – Sunrise

Have you heard or see about fish deliver service? In kampung we have. So, you no need go market.

Early morning briefing. We supposed to meet by 9am and catch the eel. Since this is Malaysia, it will be late for 1hour and I can’t even get to bring eel back. I plan to cook unagi with it.

We learn how to make the rice with the traditional way.

I bring back and last night only I cooked it and make it as fried rice.

Here we are… Never close with goat before ^^”

I had an experience to see LIVE how the goat give birth.

Thanks to Rebecca for record it with her video!
1 word only… Awesome! For the goat and the HTC.

I really pity with my Crocs because it’s damn smelly after went to the barn. Even the goat want bite my crocsband and lucky I wear crocsband it’s easy for me to wash but still my foster parent help me to wash muahaha…

The third wedding that I went. I went the 1st and 2nd wedding at the 1st day really nice!

We had “tapai” & “bubur pulut hitam” as a dessert ^^

This is our last homecooked that I had from foster parent. OMG! I damn hungry now! Why? Stay tune in my next post where is a last post for the homestay!