The Importance of Investing in Yourself
As social media influencer for few brands, I always believe that it’s really important to invest on myself. Previously I did talk about the importance to take care our health and appearance, HERE.
When talk about investing in yourself, there’s wide scope to cover. As a video producer and photographer, I will try to relate this topic with my business nature. For those who reading my previous blog post regarding CVS Production new direction, I have to travel around the place. Of course I have person in charge for my studio rental etc. Theres’s miss consumption regarding investing in ourself. Some people might see it as selfish act but for me it’s mean improving ourself.
I just bought my MacBook Pro and did some customized on my MacBook and so far it was the high end specification for 13″ MacBook Pro. They said once you go for Apple product you won’t turn back. Oh well, I do agree for their MacBook and iPad but I use iPhone 6 plus before and I still prefer my HTC One M9 Plus. I’m not a rich guy to spend 8K on MacBook but I do believe in investment. Now I can do editing on-the-go and I won’t have any problem if there’s any long duration traveling job anymore. I’m good to go.

Why is investing in yourself so important?
Investing in ourself is never a risk, because it always pays off. Previously I got mention about Need versus Wants and I do believe in investment too. It’s really important to do some investment in order to improve our business. However, it’s really important to differentiate between needs and wants. Once you manage to differentiate, it’s time to focus on investing on your needs.

Currently I’m in Langkawi for a month and seems that my July schedule is almost confirm. If there’s no better offer, I will be in Brunei for the first two week for another music video shoot. So, tell me. What drive you to chase your dreams?

Just incase what I get other than MacBook, I did receive cable, extension cable and Apple warranty card.

Well, this morning I just accidentally did some drop test and I really need a MacBook protector case. Any suggestion?