Still remember my previous post about the musical? Yes, last time I was invited to KITA The Musical. It’s really awesome! So, this time courtesy of Leonard Chua I would like to give away 6 passes to Cuci The Musical which is will be held at Istana Budaya.

What you need to do is easy, just blog about the event!

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6Passes of Cuci The Musical (1 blogger = 1 passes)

Istana Budaya

Friday, 8.30pm (30.07.2010)

How to win?
Just send an email to feeq_2009@hotmail.com subject “Cuci The Musical Give Away” your detail such as Full Name, Contact No, Blog URL and IC by tomorrow (30.07.2010) before 12.00noon. The blogger who selected will inform through an email.

The story:
“CUCI THE MUSICAL” is the story of four brothers: FAIRIL (Afdlin Shauki), KHAI (Hans Isaac), JOJO (Awie) and C’ Tan (Nabil) who operate ‘Cuci-Cuci Services’, a small window washing company – and their dreams to one day be good enough to be the company that services the exterior of the tallest twin-towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC.

The brothers are given the opportunity to make their dream come true when Cuci-Cuci Services are invited to join the Window Washing Olympics (WWO) – a competition run by, Citi Jasmin or better known as CJ (Vanida Imran) – that awards the aforementioned contract to it’s winner.

Coincidentally, the defending champions of the WWO are ‘Wira Maju’ , a company owned by CJ’s boyfriend, WIRA (Harith Iskander). Meanwhile CJ’s father, the TAN SRI (Ramli Hassan), keeps a watchful eye over proceedings concerned that his daughter might not be making the wisest choice in having WIRA as her partner for life.

Sparks soon fly as KHAI and CJ develop an attraction to each other and simultaneously CJ’s personal assistant, Farah (Jaclyn Victor) falls heavily for JOJO. Experience the trials and tribulations – ups and downs – laughter and tears – love and heartbreak along with a dose of good old Malaysian comedy as we follow the four brothers on this journey.

Layered on a bed of music and songs with unforgettable melodies and lyrics from DOUGLAS LIM and PACAI (@ DR SYED AHMAD FAIZAL AL-ATTAS ). This enthralling and classically heart warming tale of the under-dog struggling against the odds is sure to capture the hearts and touch the souls of the audience.

Who is the cast & crew? Check it out HERE!
Website, HERE!