What is the best things during Ramadhan month? Food? Hari Raya? The answer is…

Ramadhan month is a Holy month of giving. When I still small kid, I was “force” to stay at my “kampung” during Ramadhan month where my parent want me to learn malay lifestyle… err I still feel they want me feel how the kampung lifestyle are… Lucky that time I not really need an internet like what I need nowadays. If not… XP

I still remember the time when every evening my late grandparent ask me to go pasar ramadhan to buy extra food and sometime they cook to give to our neighbours. So, I learn what is the value of give and receive.

Not forget to mention that Crocs Malaysia also does the same things like what I was learn…
Still remember the Crocs warehouse sales that has been held at Ikano? No? Try click HERE!

Like other people, give and take is the normal things. So, yesterday Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd who are the Authorized Distributor for Crocs Malaysia with HOPE Worldwide Malaysia sincerely invites 70 kids under the foundation’s program to be beneficiaries of yesterday “Kids Day Out” initiative.

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So, what the kids receive from cute crocodile (CROCS)? Of course each of them receives a new pair of Crocs shoes worth RM129 and a goodie bag. Not only that, in addition to that, Winx Club who are an apparel brand under Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd contributed Rm8, 000 worth of children apparel to HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.

For me, it’s not because of what and who are the party that do a charity. The important things are how the person who receive feel. I had a good time chit chat and of course spend time with the kids by help them to choose their Crocs. Some of them are muslim who will celebrate Hari Raya soon and with the new pair of Crocs and of course an apparel from Winx Club can give them more happines for them to celebrate Hari Raya.

By the way, I will wear my Crocs for this year Hari Raya and yes, I haven’t buy any cloth for Hari Raya *sigh* who want accompany me? ^oo^

Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd who are the Authorized Distributor for Crocs Malaysia is not first time do a charity event. The previous Charity event that they organize collaboration with Universal Music Malaysia is past few month where they invite Zee Avi to make the charity event more happening. So, can you see how we can do a charity? Not necessary to give donation from cash and kind but if you volunteer or you spend time with them and entertain them that can be a great job.

After all the kids get their shoes and goodies bag, we all going to other place to spend time and have fun ^^

Mock cheque presentation for Crocs worth RM8, 400 by Mr. Gwei Tze Co – Managing Director of Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd.

Mock cheque presentation for Winx Club worth RM8, 000 by Mr. Gwei Tze Co – Managing Director of Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd.

From their happy face one world only they can say…

After that, all of us went to…
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People who queue while waiting the door open to public!

Some of the price is just around RM40-60! Why you want buy the fake one when you can get the original one for only double of the price for the fake Crocs?

Believe me where this is only the crowd in the morning. There are more and more people who came after that.

From gentleman and sports crocs…

…to kids and ladies Crocs!