Allah Issue!

I just blog about how racist Malaysia people can be in my previous post and now we not only face with fake Crocs but at the same time some of human-not-educate try to become professor. Create a fake logo, product and now create a fake stories.

Some people know that I one of the official bloggers for Crocs Malaysia. This post is not paid by Crocs Malaysia but I felt that as one of their ambassador I should help them to clarified everything.

Recently, there’s have a rumors about Allah Issues where some of people who “well educate” see the Crocs logo have Allah word (in arabic).

LoL! Can you see properly the logo? The crocodile mouth damn big wei. Like want eat KFC ROFL!

If you compare the original Crocs logo with the fake one, one of the differences is their mouth. The fake one, the crocodile mouth gap damn big compare with the original one which is closer a little bit.

P/S: For those who want sabotage, please use the original Crocs. If you don’t have, I can donate one LoL


Attached is the response letter from Crocs Regional Legal Department on the “Allah” issue. Do share this on your blog if possible.

I look nerd in the video.

So, what is my choice?
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