This afternoon, I went to Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya regarding my studio license. Yes, I am opening a photography studio. More info, HERE
The first thing they asked me is about my studio floor plan and they said my design really beautiful. Oh ok.. To be honest since I post up about my new studio, there have a lot of people asked me about who is the designer for my floor plan. Since I need the floor plan and location map ASAP and my budget very limited, so it is kinda hard for me to find a good designer.
My friend Cayenne, who is the interior designer is the one that help me to design. For those who are interested to view her portfolio, you can visit her website:
I called her to come over my studio during the renovation and she came on time + within 1 hour, she done with all the measurement. 3-4 days after that she inform me that the layout is done. She even bring the floor plan to her friend birthday party just because she want pass to me =)
This is her artwork:
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Floor Plan 20
FUR Layout Plan 20
Location Jpeg