For those of you looking for a new DSLR, why don’t you try participating in the Photo Blog competition. They have 1 digital SLR worth up to RM2500 up for grabs and they even let you choose which brand you would want to go for!

For you experienced folks with your new digital SLR, you’re not to be left out as we also have one Tissot Chronograph watch worth RM2150 up for grabs as well!

There’s really no entrance fee, no need to buy anything from them and they don’t even take your rights for the images. Just their way of promoting photography in Malaysia.

All you need is your own compact camera really and they even accept camera phone pictures (for the compact category). It’s all down to your creativity.

Contest ends 31st January 2010.

For more information:
Click HERE!

*There’s no need for you to have an existing blog. You can open a new blog anytime. Plus, we aren’t judging the design of the blog, just your pictures and your text to support.