Most of people don’t know that I scared ghost XD
Last time I don’t believe with ghost. What you can aspect someone who grow up @ Singapore and live in the city + modern environment?
I still respect it and never thought of experience it.

One day, during the ghost month (for Chinese who believe it) I went to one of the place that where normally people burn paper, house paper and also have a Chinese opera to experience it. So, since me & my friend don’t know anything about it, we sat on the 1st row of the seat. For those who do not know, they believe that the 1st row is for dead people or unseen to sit.

Suddenly 1 uncle came and ask us to sit at another place. Since we do not know anything, we just follow. Nothing happened until…

I reach home a bit late and stay in my friend house. He told me that he want to go buy something for the supper. Since I’m to tired, I just stay @ room. After bath, I saw that my friend slept in the room d. So, I just continue sleep and thought that maybe he not going to buy supper.

I don’t know why, that’s night damn cold even though I switch off the air cond. When I woke up in the morning, I saw all my body have a blue black color (something like when u get punch) I just ignore it. My friend came back and bring some breakfast.

The most frightful things is, he told me that he not coming back last night & he show me the photo that he took from his GF house where they have some party until morning. So, I slept with who? I still keep the secret and he don’t know anything until today…

If you have some experience and want to share with everyone what is your most frightful night when you’re sleeping, you can join the Nuffnang Contest. Please make sure that your story is the true story ya!

If you cheat, the ghost might come after you =.=”

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