Whenever I went to Thailand, the floating market is always coming into my top list. What else you can ask for other than local food made by local people. For those who went to Thailand before, I believe their tea is something that you must try.
If you are craving for Thailand floating market food, do not worry. You can get it just a doorstep away from your place. Originally from The Boat Noodle cafe, they franchise their signature drink as Chill Chill. Now, everyone who just wants to quick-grab their famous drink, you don’t need to go all the way to their cafe anymore. You can just drop to their franchise.
A Chill Chill Launch event at NU Sentral was a huge success. I’m so excited with their launch since I’m a huge fan of their tea. They are located at the 5th floor near Sangkaya. Easy to spot them.

About The Original Boat Noodle : We Bring Thai Street Food to You! Kuey Teow Ruer, which is commonly known as Boat Noodle is a delicate dish which originates from the floating markets of Ayutthaya. This inspired dish is aromatic and delicious making it an instant hit with fans. Starting our first outlet in Empire Damansara in March 2014 by only serving noodles, The Original Boat Noodle has grown in leaps and bounds as the go to place for Thai food. Our menu has hence grown incorporating more of the local Thai street foods. The décor comes alive as a real hustle of the everyday street food we see in Thailand creating an ambient and lively atmosphere. Boat Noodle has become a place to meet and socialize with friends. Our aim is to continuously bring you authentic Thai street food and share the fun and laughter with friends at The Original Boat Noodle. http://www.boatnoodle.com.my/

My favorite all the time of course their Tea & Green Tea.
I manage to learn how to make their signature drinks. They are using imported pure ingredients from Thailand in order to maintain the originality & quality.