I always had a problem with mobile phone accessories, especially when it comes to mobile phone cover. I used to keep changing my phone cover almost 3 months once. Same goes to my blog template. I do not really fancy with luxury stuff as long it look nice and simple, I don’t mind to use it even though it’s just “night-market” stuff.

Since I have just received my HTC Desire 816, I need screen protector and mobile phone cover. When it comes with screen protector, my choice is always anti finger print instead of clear or crystal type.
Bought my HTC Desire 816 phone cover for only RM27 instead of RM30 and anti finger print screen protector for RM10. The price for the crystal screen protector is RM12 and clear screen protector is RM7. Please negotiate with the seller before you purchase.
Basically, when you want to get your stuff from this kind of place, you have to check the quality of the product properly. I learnt from my business trip in China last year where those China products also have different kind of grade. The most good and almost look-alike the original consider as grade A+ and I got my A+ phone cover for only RM27 instead of RM30.
You can find the biggest two mobile phone accessories shop located near with food stall and please do your own survey. However, if you are lazy, both of the shop have an almost similar price.
Downtown Serdang just located opposite of The Mines Serdang.