It is so random where I had my deal with one of the buyer in mamak stall. Meet up with the buyer of my Samyang Fisheye lens and bump into one of my photography friend. He introduce to me Canon EOS boutique in Subang Jaya. I do not know that there have another Canon EOS boutique since the one that I knew is located in Penang.
Actually, I still thinking of my next lenses. Should I grab 300mm f2.8L or Fisheye 8-15mm f4L (4k+/-) or Tilt-shift (7k+/-). I have my own reason of getting that lens. Hmm… 
“We specialising in Canon EOS System, offering the entire line-up of EOS DSLRs from entry-level to the Top-of-The-Line 1D-series as well as EF-S and EF lenses. We also stock EOS accessories like original li-ion batteries, battery grips, eyepieces, cables, straps, gadget bags, Canon mugs and EOS Superbooks. We also stock non-Canon accessories like Hoya Pro 1 filters and SanDisk memory cards.”
W-08-0 (Ground Floor) West Wing,
Subang Square, Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operation hour:
Tue – Sun: 11:00 – 20:00

Today got one family bought Canon EOS 1100D
Basically, there’s only have 2 EOS Boutique in Malaysia. Another one is located in Penang. They told me that only a professional photographer who can open this kind of shop because the main reason is to educate people about photography. Since they do have 18 years experience in Canon industry, so this is the perfect place for you to get your new toy and also learn about photography. They really nice to guide you about your gear.
Cozy interior for photography workshop.
Below is the Canon EOS Fisheye lens 8-15mm f4 test shot. I fall in love with this lens!
8mm. Compare with Samyang 8mm, of course you won’t get the black color hood effect. However, Canon EOS Fisheye 8-15mm f4 still the winner compare than Samyang. 
14mm. It is the minimum range that you can get good shot without any black hood on the side of the frame.
15mm. It is kinda wide. Almost same with my 16-35mm f2.8. However, this lens give extra benefit to the user  especially the “round-shape” effect.
Auto focus on the Canon words at the Canon box.
So.. any idea how I can get extra income for me to get new toy? Give suggestion please =3
I going to their shop on Tuesday to get new toy.. guess what is that?