Hari raya… Semua orang bagai nak gila,
Bila puasa, buat buat lah lupa,
Berpakaian haruslah sepadan,
Tetapi puasa tak cukup sebulan…

Haha I love that songs. Funny… If not mistaken is taken from one of the group of malay artist. I will leaving Kelana Jaya with Clever Munkey and his friend by 11am to Johor.

Pray for me no hard traffic jam please especially Senawang & Seremban area.


During a Ramadhan month, I was invite to join the Kinderdijk Malaysia to attend their break fast gathering as the official photographer.

For those who do not know, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd, established 2003, is a well-known full-fledged distribution company for baby products in Malaysia. It carries market leading brands, penetrating into all leading departmental stores as well as baby specialty retail outlets. With excess of 600 distribution points nationwide, they covers all the categories for babies, from childbirth to teenage years.

Their mission statement is “To love, give and to nurture our babies with best care”.

Their brand are:
Fisher Price
Philips Avent

I heard people said that Sime Darby food awesome but for me it’s just a normal. Since we all dine at Halia restaurant during break fasting, maybe that’s the reason why a lot of local food. A lot of food that I can’t eat on that day since it’s base on coconut milk and beef.

The crowd was turn out well. 100 guest was invited to attend the event.

Chef in the move yo!
Guess what? I met one of my friend there. Cool…

Nom Nom Nom… They have “air sugus” where Joanne told me when she still kid, cute & fat XP she pour the hot water into the pot & boil the sugus to make it as a drink LoL!

Guess who participated with the games require to blind their eyes and eat the herbs an guess it.

They also need to get all the item in the list such as watch, credit card, name card, keys etc…

Guest collected their goodies bag ^^

Prize for the guest who participate for the games and guess what? They have a lot of lucky draw. If not mistaken almost 50++ Awesome!

So, what you waiting for? Go grab your luggage and go back hometown!
Raya is tomorrow!

Kinderdijk family…