I always tell myself that complaining would not solve a problem. Rather than complaining continuously, why not we take action? Rather than asking other people to change their attitude, why not we change our own attitude? I always tell myself that if you are on time, it means that you are late. In Malaysia, there’s something called “Malaysian Time” where “late” is a norm. I just don’t get why some people can even proud of it.
Last Sunday I went to an event by Bizzy Body held in Sunway Pyramid. I reached there on time and left the event before it even started. Why? Because I received an email from the organizer stating that the event starts at 5.30pm. So, I’ve already arranged my time properly to fit 3 meetings and 2 photoshoot sessions. However, everything did not turn out as what I have planned.

I was supposed to have a photoshoot in Mont Kiara in the afternoon but it was cancelled at the last minute. There was a client who used my studio HERE! from morning until 3pm and I rushed back to my home to catch my 4.30pm meeting. Once I reached home, I received another email from Bizzy Body stating that the event is not 5.30pm but at 4.30pm. Since I had a meeting at 4.30pm in Mont Kiara, I decided to change it to the Sunway Pyramid so that I can attend all of my meetings and the event. Since the event change their time from 5.30pm to 4.30pm, I called my client to postpone the meeting to 9pm. I reached the event on time and guess what? The event only start at 6.30pm

I was really disappointed. Some of the problem were:
1) The changes of timing was really last minute.
2) Waited for almost 2 hours without any announcement. From 4.30pm till almost 6.30pm.
3) The media/bloggers need to “beg” for our chair.
4) Vouchers from A Cut Above (main sponsor) expire on the day of the event and only available in Mid Valley when the event ended around 8pm++ in Sunway Pyramid.
5) There’s no follow up email. At least they send us an email to apologize or give us explanation etc.

I tried to keep a positive thought. However, it was hard to control yourself when you’re really pissed off. So, I decided to just get my butt off from the event and grab some dessert.