There have something in common for business people, passion. When you have passion in your life or dream, you will work harder and never get tired of it. In business, is important for you to keep motivated and push forward.
Last week I drove my dad car for a week due to servicing my car in Johor Bharu (my hometown). Unfortunately, the gear box totally breakdown. I have no choice but to send it for repair in Kuala Lumpur. I was asking my friend for the nearest car workshop and they refer me to the OKU car workshop in Kampung Baru. They did a good job and the charges are affordable too.

Najib said he had visited Bengkel 2H Auto Workshop that was operated by its owner who was known as Zaharul, who was also among the successful disabled business owners in the Malay enclave.
“The workshop has received benefits from (the government’s) Tekun programme aimed at assisting the Bumiputera group kick-start or develop their businesses,” he said in the posting, which included several photos of the visit.
The Prime Minister had made a low-key visit as the press was not informed of the visit, but it was also understood that he had joined a few other Tekun recipients for lunch at Restoran Matahari, there.
Through the Tekun Nasional programme, businesses were offered micro-financing between RM1,000 and RM100,000 with a repayment term of between six months and 10 years.
Since its inception in 1998 until March 31 this year, Tekun Nasional had loaned some RM3.34 billion to 399,769 recipients nationwide.
The programme is one of the initiatives Najib announced during Budget 2015.

My dad car totally breakdown right after I attending Search Concert press conference in KL Tower.
It’s good to get back my own car. My own car is still the best.