When talk about Penang, other than food paradise they also famous with their beach and Batu Feringhi give you more than a holiday experience. For girls, yes this is the place where you should belongs. It’s shopping time!

The main road runs more or less straight along the coast for 3km, on which all the hotels, tourist shop, internet cafe’s, motorcycle rental offices and restaurants are lined up side by side. I was driving MPV on that day and I need to be careful in every single corner since there’s have a lot of harp turning along the way to Batu Feringhi.

Public transport?
You can get to Batu Ferringhi by taxi, car or bus. It takes a thirty-minute bus ride west of Georgetown on Transitlink #202 or Transitlink air-con #93.
There is no bus straight from the airport (Bayan Lepas) to Batu Ferringhi. A taxi ride will cost you RM60.- You’ll have to buy a coupon for the taxi when leave the arrival hall after collecting your luggage.

Batu Ferringhi can be crowded and much of the greenery has been replaced by concrete, but also the advantages (plenty of restaurants, watering holes and recreation facilities). So, this is one of the place that “must-go” when you reach Penang. Variety stuff and souvenir from accessories to fashion stuff can be purchase at Batu Feringhi. It has quite a lively resort feel, and there is a good night markets on the main road selling trinkets.

Batu Ferringhi has a several large resort and hotel, like Hard Rock Hotel, Rasa Sayang, Golden Sands, Park Royal, Bayview etc. It looks like a new village, but it’s very old. It used to be a kampong with a little fishing village. The big hotels offer good deals at times and cheaper accommodation is available if you want a few days by the beach. so, please check their website for the goo deal.

The beach itself is quite good, thought not up there with Malaysia’s best and the water is not of the tropically clear variety you might expect. The beach is kept clean, even on weekends when hordes of day-trippers visit. Bathing areas are often cordoned off by floating buoys to protect swimmers from speeding jet-skis and water-skiers. Jellyfish, particularly at rainy times, can be a problem.

It’s really awesome. I hope can go there and have a 1-2 night stay but too expensive for me T.T

Can spot what I saw? hehe

Original better than fake!
Haha My Crocs Red Color, my shirt red color as well & my camera bag red color!!!

Looking at the ice cream, I was… *drooling*
Yes, it’s huge XP for that price la if compare with KL haha

Vanilla chocolate chip + chocolate!

Guys, please find this ice cream shop ya. RM5 an what you get? Buy1 Free1!
Other stall sell RM5 or RM4 per cone!

The famous night market along Batu Ferringhi it’s usually starts at about 8pm. It is a long stretch of stalls selling stuff ranging from copies of deisgner handbags/sunglasses/watches, handicraft from Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, T-shirts, and of course DVDs.

To get a good deal when buying copies of designer watches such as (Rolex, Tag, Patek Phillipe, Omega etc) you must good in negotiate.

I want try…



So, if you have an experience stay at one of the hotel at Batu Feringhi or maybe just shopping there, share here ^^