Today is the last Ramadhan of the year. Since I just got back, I brought my parents  to Johor Bharu for the last minute shopping. It’s good to see their happy face.

When it comes to Ramadhan, Air Katira Abu Bakar is something that you can’t miss it. They only run their business during Ramadhan and guess what? Some people came all the way from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur just to get their Air Katira. According to them la… For me, they do have the unique taste and it worth if you stay around Johor Bharu but not drive all the way from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Photos taken with HTC One M9 Plus

It comes with two different packaging. RM12 per bottle or RM4 for the small packaging. If you see some of the Air Katira Abu Bakar at the baazar, mostly they are genuine since they do have few supplier around Johor Bharu.

According to them, if you put in the fridge it can last up to one year. You can get from a normal Bazaar Ramadhan for RM4.50 (small packaging). Make sure the packaging have Abu Bakar logo to make sure it is the original Air Katira Abu Bakar.

So, what’s so special about this Air Katira? According to them, they used original recipes from their late father (prepared by the family member in order to maintain their quality and secret) and they used up to 8 ingredients:

1) Buah Semangkuk
2) Buah Kurma
3) Buah Badam
4) Buah Kabung
5) Kismis
6) Kathira
7) Agar-agar
8) Biji Selasih

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