Remember my previous post about iTalk Whoa? No? Here! What is iTalk & IDD Rates?

So, what is the coolest feature available in the iTalk Whoa? They have the ability to get new email from other email account such as yahoo mail, gmail or hotmail and reunite all of those email accounts into one portal. Cool huh? I only have hotmail and gmail so, it will be great! Not only that, you even can set your office email into iTalk Whoa account by configure into iTalk Whoa mail setting.

Push eMail
• Enable email been push to mobile
• Real-time true push of emails & attachments
• Works with any mobile device without the need of a local client
• Has the potential to address the entire mobile phone user base in the corporate and consumer markets

So, what else? How about Pushmail? Pushmail feature enable you to forward the selected new email to your mobile device automatically. Not only that, the iTalk Whoa Pushmail supports a number of different mobile device and users can choose the mobile device that suits them best.

iTalk Whoa is convenient not only for performing duties such as emailing, adding contacts, events but also for checking email while you are traveling. Huh? It’s cool right? The reason that recently I bought my ASUS it’s because I need a new gadget that can help me check my mail, blog, etc everyday and everywhere. Since most people make use of the mobile device for both business and personal reasons, setting up iTalk Whoa mail to forward email to a mobile device is an efficient way to keep track of office and personal activities or information.

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